What Are Career Quizzes?

Friday, August 08, 2008

What are Career Quizzes? Career quizzes, or career tests, are ways to evaluate your personality in career-related subjects.

Career quizzes are a fun way to start the conversation with yourself about your career choice. A quiz or two is not likely to solve your career concerns but quizzes are a good way to start thinking in the right direction. Finding the right career should not begin with choosing a subject area as understanding the ways you most prefer to work. Do you like action or analysis in your career? Do you need lots of interaction with your job colleagues, or lots of time to contemplate and consider? Almost all fields have careers that require different kinds of activity. For example, a teacher might teach pre-school or graduate students. The former career calls for patience, an affection for young children and a love of play. The latter career requires an interest in scholarly research and the ability to deal with abstractions and concepts in a logical, insightful manner. A teacher of tennis has different interests and different abilities than a teacher of philosophy.

One way to use these quizzes is to get an introductory understanding of who you are and what kinds of careers are most likely to make you happy. The career quizzes here are a great place to start. My Career Quizzes.com will give you information based on some of the most respected career type and temperament instruments that will help you be able to understand in new and more specific ways how you are aligned in the world. Some of the most well known career quiz instruments are:

  • The Myers Briggs Type and Temperament Inventory (MBTI) career quiz
  • DISC career quiz
  • The Berkman career quiz
  • FIRO B career quiz

Other career quiz instruments like the Johnson O'Connor Aptitude Testing or the Strong Campbell career quiz help us get clearer about our aptitudes or our interests. Using different assessment tools helps provide a more pieces to the puzzle of who we are with regard to our careers.

There are scores of books about choosing or changing careers and abundant information on the web. Sometimes, however, a good next step is to find a career counselor, a coach, a mentor or even a wise friend or two who can provide feedback. We get stuck believing our own stories..." I can't do that...this would never work...I'm too old,...too uneducated....too poor...too dumb...too whatever...THEY would never want me...It will take too long..." When we get stuck in negative thinking, it is helpful to have someone insist that we take off the glasses we are wearing and try on some new lenses for a few minutes. Others can see opportunities for us that we may miss. On the other hand, others can discourage us from taking risks that would scare them but are just what we need. So we need lots of input and then we have to sit at the kitchen table, dump all the information, emotions, thoughts and practicalities on the table and put it together for ourselves.

One warning: sometimes the problem is not the work we are doing but the way we are thinking. If we change careers but keep bad habits that bring us trouble, we may find ourselves no more satisfied. Some of these career quizzes can help determine whether it is the kind of work or the way of working that is causing trouble.

A career quiz may or may not be all one needs for contentment but it is a good place to start and the free quizzes on My Career Quizzes.com are waiting. Have fun, and best wishes for your career.